Can I apply if I am not a college junior or senior?
SVMP applicants must be a college senior (class of 2023) or junior (class of 2024). SVMP participants leave with a clearer picture of the impact a graduate management degree can have on their professional and personal lives, and we want this experience to be used as a personal and career planning tool.
If I am employed, how will taking time off to attend SVMP be regarded by my employer?
Although employment is no longer required to participate in SVMP, the program has traditionally enjoyed an enthusiastic response from many leading companies and organizations across the nation. Employers often express pride in having had a role in the professional and academic development of their employees. In terms of expenses, (although not required) most employers agree to cover the participant's salary and assume the costs of transportation to and from the program, while HBS agrees to cover all educational expenses, including room and board. Because there is a strong interest in the program, and SVMP can accommodate only a limited number of individuals, we encourage employers to authorize their employees early to participate in the program. Employer Authorization forms should be received by the application deadline, and can be found within the application.

If you will be employed during SVMP, we have a letter that may serve as the initial introduction to the program for your employer.
Do I need to have an internship to apply?
Employment is not a requirement to participate in SVMP. However, employed applicants must be authorized by their employer to participate in the entirety of the program.
I am not a business major in college, can I still apply?
Yes, applications from all academic disciplines are welcome to apply. Academic studies in the field of business administration are not necessary for selection to this program. Participants will be selected based on academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, and management potential.
Who will pay for this program?
HBS covers all expenses, including room and board. However, you will need to arrange for your own transportation to and from the program. If needed, limited financial aid is available to cover travel expenses to the program. Admitted students will be given information on how to request travel reimbursement.
I am an international student, can I apply to SVMP?
International students are not eligible for SVMP. Please consider HBS Peek online program if you are an international student. Undocumented students are eligible to apply.
Are letters of recommendation required to apply to SVMP?
Letters of recommendation are not required to apply to SVMP. If you are employed during the program week, your employer must authorize your participation in the week-long program.
If admitted, do I need to participate in SVMP the entire week?
Yes, admitted students must be prompt and participate in all SVMP activities, beginning with the program welcome, and ending with the closing ceremony.
What is the dress attire at SVMP?
The program’s dress attire is business casual. Casual attire is permitted after classes and program sessions.