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Rising Leaders for Social Impact Forum

The Rising Leaders Forum is HBS’s premier offering for social impact focused students. Through carefully tailored content and small peer group discussion, our highest potential change leaders are engaged in reflection, conversations, tools, and networking to help them have impact and lead positive change in the world.

The forum builds a robust community that connects students and alumni who share a passion for social impact; and supports success in the classroom, navigating the unique career path, and challenges and opportunities of MBAs in social enterprise.

The program is designed exclusively for MBA students with a social enterprise focus – those who have a demonstrated commitment prior to HBS (could be any sector) and a goal of continued exploration or commitment to social enterprise.

The Forum provides

  • deeper conversations with classmates
  • time set aside for exploration
  • a through-line to the conversation, with anchors and prompts to support discussions, and tools to support next steps

Participant experience

“I loved the opportunity to engage with other socially minded classmates and alums (with the amazing guidance of SEI) on our personal and career objectives and dreams. This really helped the social enterprise experience come alive in a meaningful way here at HBS.”

“I found a community of like-minded peers, and felt that I am not alone navigating the transition to business school.”

“I valued the consistency of engaging on this topic – having a dedicated time every month to explore our thinking around our social enterprise interests with the support of our peers, staff, and alums.”

Read about the experience of past Rising Leaders participants.

To participate

Early registration: August 28; Final registration: September 13

Sign up for the Rising Leaders Forum through our online application. 

By signing up, you commit to participating in all Rising Leaders for Social Impact Forum sessions and will not schedule other meetings during the times the sessions are offered. Your preparation and consistent participation will be integral to building community, and to the impact of this program for yourself and other participants.

  • Many sessions will include 15-30 minutes prep time
  • Most sessions will last 90 minutes (some select sessions will be longer) and all will take place in the early evening
  • We will also ask for your feedback and input throughout the program and moving forward

Note: We may not be able to accommodate all interested students. We will be able to confirm participation in mid-September.

Want to learn more?

Reach out to the Social Enterprise Initiative: se@hbs.edu.