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Independent Projects

How to Apply

Application Process

Students submit one Social Enterprise Independent Project Reimbursement Grant Application form per team, which includes a detailed program budget that will be used to determine the grant award (see Awards for details). For students conducting an Independent Project, please select a Team Lead who will be the primary contact person for SEI, and who will be responsible for submitting all required team paperwork. Grants are awarded on a case-by-case funds-available basis. Students should take the limited funding availability and decision timeline into consideration before making financial commitments. Once submitted, budget amounts cannot be increased.

Program Deadlines

Fall Projects

  • September 16, 2022, 12:00 noon: deadline to submit the Reimbursement Grant application for fall projects.
  • December 9, 2022, 12:00 noon: deadline to submit the Expense Form and related documents for fall projects.

We are unable to make exceptions to deadlines, so any students who have questions or concerns regarding the materials needed to meet a deadline should contact the Social Enterprise Initiative (se@hbs.edu, 617-495-6421) in advance of the deadline.

Please note: It can take 6 weeks or more from the date you submit your paperwork for you to receive a reimbursement check. For spring term participants: please submit your Expense Form and related documents to align with when you will need to receive payment.

Submit Your Application

Grant Application

Students will receive an "Application Status" email within a week of the grant application deadline.

If the application is approved, students must finalize the grant process by submitting an Expense Form along with original itemized receipts and a copy of the original budget, to the SEI Office by the submission deadlines.