Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the grant program students must:

  • Be a second-year HBS student
  • Be formally enrolled in an Independent Project for academic credit during the Fall or Spring term.
  • If you are pursuing this project as part of a Field Course, you will be asked for additional information in the application; and projects will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Meet all project and eligibility requirements outlined on the HBS Independent Projects website.
  • Submit all documents by the program deadlines 

Program Criteria

Social Enterprise must be a core element of the Independent Project, and grants will be awarded based on the strength of this component in the application. Social Enterprise projects may include work with specific organizations or undertaking an industry study related to:

  • nonprofit or public-sector organizations/management issues
  • for profit organizations in which the mission and the core activities of the organization have a direct social purpose
  • business approaches where the core focus is social impact, including environmental sustainability or corporate social responsibility.

The SE Independent Project Grant program is intended to support expenses related to the research and analysis component of Independent Projects. The program does not support business start-up expenses such as: beta program development, organization licensing or registration fees, attorney services, office equipment, computer software programs, etc.

Note on current Harvard University travel guidelines [updated 9/4/20]:

  • All University-related travel, both international and domestic, is prohibited until further notice and should not be planned or scheduled at this time.
  • We will not be able to support any travel-related expenses until we receive updated guidance from the University.