Resources & Benefits


A series of workshops and office hours, covering topics such as how to develop a social enterprise Business Plan, identifying the market for social ventures, financial modeling, pitching and presenting, and perspectives from practitioners and entrepreneurs; and mixers to facilitate multi-disciplinary collaboration and team-building.

Business Plan Development

The catalyst to develop a Business Plan and Executive Summary synopsis, and for semifinalist and finalist teams the opportunity to present.


Feedback from expert judges at multiple stages in the process to help you strengthen and develop your ideas within the competition and beyond. Past judges have come from leading social sector organizations such as ACCION International, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, Echoing Green, Invested Development, and The Bridgespan Group.


Reimbursement of start-up expenses up to $1,000.

In-kind Awards

Fast-tracking and in-kind awards for winners and runners-up, in addition to financial awards totaling $75,000.