Alumni Clubs Supporting & Connecting

Amelia Angella
Job Title
Executive Director, Community Action Partners
Boston, MA, USA

Local and regional HBS alumni clubs offer a range of opportunities to support and connect with the local nonprofit community. Alumni clubs in a number of cities have established pro-bono consulting programs that work with nonprofit organizations around the United States.

Amelia Angella, MBA 2001, Executive Director of Boston’s Community Action Partners (CAP) program (also celebrating its 20th anniversary), notes that since CAP’s founding “more than 1,000 volunteers have shared their skills and passion with over 200 nonprofit organizations across a broad spectrum of mission areas. These volunteers have assisted with projects critical to strengthening the nonprofits that work to make the Boston community a better place.”

In addition to engaging with nonprofits in their communities, more than 20 alumni clubs around the world provide scholarships for local nonprofit executives to attend HBS Social Enterprise executive education programs. Beyond the classroom, many of these clubs continue to engage program participants in ongoing dialogue after their return. In Michigan, the club’s Nonprofit Leadership Collaborative meets to share ideas and work together on community challenges, recently working with the governor on the state’s foreclosure crisis.

In Australia, the club regularly connects with its community of nonprofit fellows and measures the impact on their organizations and the broader community.