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Summer Associates

Your Commitment

Hiring organizations must provide written commitment to students in order to satisfy the eligibility requirements of the student for the HBS Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship program.

Specifics Of Commitment

To become eligible for an HBS Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship, students are required to submit with their application a signed letter from a senior executive of the host organization addressed to the prospective Fellow and setting forth the actual job offer and the specifics of the position:

  1. Specific project to be completed by the student
  2. Job responsibilities
  3. Other members of the project team (if any)
  4. Name, title, telephone number and fax number of project supervisor
  5. Level of administrative support available
  6. Human resources contact
  7. Facility and equipment resources allocated (office, computer, etc.)
  8. Starting date and ending date
  9. Number of weeks and hours per week
  10.  Compensation (weekly)


The expectation is that organizations will pay $650-$1,000 per week. In addition to this salary commitment from organizations, students may apply for supplemental funding through the HBS Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship, which is awarded on a rolling, funds-available basis.

For those organizations unable to pay $650/week, please note that the student you are supporting will ask you to supply additional information for the application.