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Summer Associates

How to Post

  • Use the MBA Recruiting website to post a position. This website also provides details on connecting with students, job placement statistics, and other important details.
  • Please contact the Social Enterprise Initiative if we can be helpful at any step of the process.

Planning Your Timing For HBS Students

Students work with organizations in the summer for eight to twelve weeks, typically starting their positions in June. Planning by organizations can start as early as the fall before, to get positions in front of students and possibly plan visits to campus. Students generally interview in early February and make summer employment decisions by March or April.

Please see the MBA Recruiting Policies and Guidelines for specific timing parameters around interviews and offer dates.

Students can apply for the HBS Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship to supplement the salary from hiring organizations. Students manage the application process, and work directly with the organization on necessary information, including a detailed sponsorship letter from the organization.

Because HBS Summer Fellowships are awarded to students on a rolling, funds–available basis, organizations may be more successful in hiring a student if they are able to post positions early, make prompt hiring decisions, and have information available for the student's application process. Please note that the last deadline for students to apply for fellowships is May 3. Organizations posting positions should plan their hiring timeline (application deadline, interviewing, and decision timing) accordingly if they hope for students to qualify for funding.
Please Note:

  • In addition to the resources offered through MBA Career and Professional Development, the Social Enterprise Initiative can help you in thinking about projects of interest to students and in fine tuning your descriptions.
  • Include in your description the mission and major programs of the organization, as well as the year founded, budget, number of employees, and any past experience with HBS (e.g., hired a student in the past, current board member, an HBS grad).
  • Review details on salary for students applying for a summer fellowship.
  • The Fellowship attempts to support students at a variety of organizations. Because fellowship awards are limited, funding may be limited if there are multiple applications to the same organization. Organizations hiring more than one student should contact the Social Enterprise Initiative for appropriate framing of projects.
  • Project selection is based entirely on student interest; therefore, we cannot guarantee that your specific project will be chosen by a student.
  • With greater numbers of students pursuing activities away from campus, and with increased instability in a number of regions of the world, the School has developed guidelines and an approach to funding students that balances educational opportunities with the risks inherent in locations where violence is high and the infrastructure to support travelers in the region is weak or overtaxed. In order to be considered for Fellowship or grant funding, students who are traveling to countries on the U.S. State Department Travel Warning list must complete a Travel Application, and only students whose Travel Applications are approved will be eligible to receive funding from the School.