What is the HBS Social Enterprise Initiative?

The HBS Social Enterprise Initiative applies innovative business practices and managerial disciplines to drive sustained, high-impact social change. It's grounded in the mission of Harvard Business School and aims to educate, inspire, and support leaders across all sectors to tackle society’s toughest challenges and make a difference in the world.

How can I get involved?

The Social Enterprise Initiative at HBS is a focal point for the creativity and energy of its worldwide community at all stages of their careers.

  • MBA students with backgrounds in all sectors have a range of opportunities for involvement in social enterprise at HBS, through academics, careers, community, and the New Venture Competition.
  • Faculty members engage in social enterprise research, teaching, case development, and course design.
  • Alumni connect through alumni clubs, educational and reunion programs, and career resources.
  • Organizations interact with our social enterprise community through Executive Education programs, independent projects, recruitment and hiring, and community engagement programs.
How can an organization connect with the HBS Social Enterprise Initiative?

Organizations and professionals from around the world participate in our Executive Education programs, access our research publications, and interact with our students and alumni through field-based projects, recruitment activities, and community engagement programs. See more info.

Are there other Initiatives at HBS?

Yes, we have several other Initiatives such as: Business and Environment, Business History, Digital, Entrepreneurship, Gender, Global, Health Care, and Leadership. “Initiative” is the word we use to describe an interdisciplinary area of interest (i.e., cuts across academic departments) that is of significance to business and society. At their core is a broad research agenda, determined and driven by the faculty.

How does the HBS Social Enterprise Initiative differ from the student club?

Led by faculty and staff, the Social Enterprise Initiative serves the entire HBS community of faculty, alumni, and students. The student-led Social Enterprise Club and other related clubs offer distinct membership benefits to those students who elect to join. We partner closely with the clubs to build the Social Enterprise community and offerings on campus.

Do I need to apply or interview separately for this program?

No separate application or interview process is required to be involved in the Social Enterprise Initiative. However, you may indicate your interest in social enterprise on your HBS application. You may refer to the HBS Admissions site for more information.