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A Day in the Life: Nathan Rosin (MBA 2023)

By: Nathan Rosin 25 Apr 2023

Want to experience a day in the life of an HBS student who is focused on social enterprise? Join us as we walk through the day with Nathan Rosin, Class of 2023 Section I...

7:15 AM: I roll out of bed (after one or two quick snoozes) and head over to my kitchen to grab a banana and turn on the kettle to make a cup of tea – it’s Five Roses to be specific, my family’s favorite tea from South Africa that we bring home every time we visit! Once the tea is brewed, I sit down at the kitchen table, where I’ve left my notebook and the case that I started reading the night before for my Impact Investing Fund class. It’s a beautiful Monday morning and the sun is streaming in through my window – I pull out my pen and highlighter and pick up right where I left off.

8:00 AM: I wrap up my morning reading, take a shower, and get ready to head over to campus. I live on a cute and quiet little street on the Cambridge side of the Charles River, just a few blocks east of Harvard Square. I make my way over to the Weeks footbridge, which takes me across the river and onto the HBS campus. On the bridge, I pause for a quick sec to look out to my right – the Harvard crew team is doing their morning practice, gliding along an amazingly still river that reflects a clear blue sky – it really is a gorgeous view! It’s only about 10 minutes door-to-door until I reach Aldrich Hall for my first class of the day.

8:30 AM: I settle into my seat in Aldrich 209 for my first class of the day, Transforming Education through Social Entrepreneurship with Professor John Kim. Today’s case is about the Boston Public Schools system, and we have a couple of awesome case protagonists joining us: the former School Committee Chair and the former Superintendent of Boston Public Schools. Professor Kim kicks off the class by introducing the guests and giving a brief subject matter overview before diving into the case method discussion. After the first “cold call,” we spend the next 60 minutes engaging in an exciting debate about the topic at hand. Then, Professor Kim brings the conversation to a close and invites our case protagonists to answer students’ questions, share reflections on what they heard, and teach us some insights from their past experiences.

9:50 AM: After class, I head over to Morgan Hall with a few of my classmates for a post-class breakfast that Professor Kim has organized with the case protagonists. It’s an amazing opportunity to engage more directly and informally with our guests, getting to know them better on a personal level, learning about their professional journeys, and even talking about potential future job opportunities in the industry for students! This was only one of many informal breakfasts that Professor Kim organized with inspiring guests – from Senior Officials at the U.S. Department of Education, to the Massachusetts Director of Teach For America, and the CEO of Uncommon Schools.

11:00 AM: After breakfast, it’s time to head over to Hawes Hall for my second class of the day, Public Entrepreneurship with Professor Mitch Weiss. Before joining the faculty at HBS, Professor Weiss served as the Chief of Staff to Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. His class teaches about innovation in and around the public sector to solve today’s most pressing problems. I not only love the content in Professor Weiss’s class, but also my fellow students – it's one of the most passionate and engaged groups of HBS students I’ve seen in one room, all clamoring to get their point in about innovating to make a difference. This class has built an amazing community both in and outside the classroom, where we keep in touch via a WhatsApp group and spend time together.

1:00 PM: I’m super hungry for lunch after class, so I head over to the Spangler Café with a few friends. Lucky for me, it’s mac and cheese week at the action station! I hop in line to get my custom mac and cheese bowl from the incredible chefs that work in the Spangler cafeterias – they’re lovely people who cook delicious food! After lunch, I spend a bit of time studying and a bit of time tutoring a first-year student who’s preparing for her Finance midterm.

3:30 PM: When the food has settled, it’s time to head over to Shad Hall for a solid workout. I may be one of the worst basketball players at HBS, but I still love a good run on the courts with my section-mates! Sometimes, when I feel like a change of pace, I head downstairs instead to borrow a racket and play a game of squash with a friend.

6:00 PM: After I’m home and showered, it’s time to get dressed and head back out for dinner. Tonight, I’m eating at a section-mate’s home with my EVOLVE group. EVOLVE is a unique program at HBS where small groups of six section-mates each get together for meaningful conversations about our values, life experiences, and anything else we’re in the mood to talk about. I love my EVOLVE group – we’ve built a strong and trusting connection over two years together and we just really enjoy each other’s company!

8:30 PM: Not quite time for bed yet! Before I head home, it’s time for EKTA dance practice. EKTA is HBS’s annual South Asian dance show and competition that’s run by SABA, the South Asian Business Association – it’s one of my absolute favorite events at HBS all year. And right now, we’re only a few days away from the big night, so it’s time to polish our routines and finalize formations to make sure we can blow them all away when we hit the stage! After an hour of smiling and showing off my moves, it’s time to call it a day. Thanks for spending the day with me, I hope your dreams are full of dancing like mine are!