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MBA Experience

MBA Students with backgrounds in all sectors have a range of opportunities for involvement in social enterprise at HBS.

Faculty & Research

Faculty members engage in social enterprise research, teaching, case development, and course design.

For Alumni

Connect through alumni clubs, educational and reunion programs, and career resources.

For Organizations

Interact with our community through Executive Education programs, independent projects, and hiring.

A Catalyst for Creating Social Value

The Social Enterprise Initiative applies innovative business practices and managerial disciplines to drive sustained, high-impact social change. It's grounded in the mission of Harvard Business School and aims to educate, inspire, and support leaders across all sectors to tackle society’s toughest challenges and make a difference in the world.

The Social Enterprise Initiative engages with the nonprofit, for-profit, and public sectors to generate and share resources, tools, and knowledge.

Courses that focus on social enterprise are embedded into the MBA curriculum and Executive Education program offerings. Beyond the classroom, HBS offers career development programs designed to support students and alumni who are engaged professionally in the social sector.

Since 1993, HBS faculty have researched and written over 800 social enterprise books, cases and teaching notes. Today, more than 90 faculty members engage in research projects, course development, and other activities. Research forums and conferences sponsored by the Social Enterprise Initiative have examined a wide range of topics, including Nonprofit Strategy, Business Leadership in the Social Sector, Consumer-Driven Healthcare, Global Poverty, and Public Education.

MBA students with backgrounds in all sectors are encouraged to integrate social enterprise skills into their academic, professional, and personal lives. Opportunities for involvement in social enterprise at HBS include elective courses and field-based learning experiences; internships and career development programs; and student clubs and organizations.


Faculty engaged in social enterprise teaching & research


Teams participated in social enterprise track of New Venture Competition since 2001


Social enterprise cases sold since 2007

Our dedicated team of faculty co-chairs and staff works to deliver engaging course materials, activities, and programs to students, alumni, and business leaders.

Earlier this month the 2023 Social Enterprise Conference (SECON) @secon_harvard was held at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School. Here are some of the some of the key takeaways from this year's gathering. https://hbs.me/2p8kjcpw

Join @HarvardHBS next week for our biggest annual #entrepreneurship celebration, the New Venture Competition Finale! Thursday, March 30 from 6-7pm ET. Register here: https://hbs.me/3vzztesn #HBSNVC

Ben Roth and Natalia Rigol, development economists and assistant professors at @HarvardHBS, are among the academics searching for solutions to make the next generation of microfinance tools even more transformative. Read more here: https://hbs.me/mr28h8uu

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