How long have you been at HBS?

I have been working at HBS for almost 4 years, but I’ve been a Recruiting Relations Manager for a year and a half. Before joining Career & Professional Development (CPD), I worked for the HBS Social Enterprise Initiative. In that role I provided support for MBA student programming and coordinated the office’s event planning. It’s really interesting to have experienced two different departments around campus and I’m glad to have had the opportunity.

What is the best part about working with employers?

I love working with recruiters and especially enjoy helping smaller organizations increase their brand awareness on campus. All companies have their own timelines for recruiting and their own unique goals. As a Recruiting Relations Manager, I am here to offer guidance throughout the whole process and to help recruiters with their overall recruiting strategy.

We know you managed Dedicated Interview Period – tell us about that experience.

Managing Dedicated Interview Period was a busy, but fun experience! With the support of others on the CPD team, I managed the logistics for over 100 organizations interviewing on campus in search of summer interns. I always enjoy meeting recruiters face-to-face and the Dedicated Interview Period is a great chance to do this. It’s also rewarding to know that this work helped so many students get their dream summer internships.

Tell us a fun fact.

You may have already emailed or spoken with me as Harley Gillen, but I changed my last name recently to Munsell. I got married in October and enjoyed the entire wedding process immensely! I’m slowly getting used to the new last name and hope that all of my recruiting partners will, too!