Why We Recruit is a series of interviews with our recruiting partners covering a variety of topics ranging from their experience working with HBS to what they want students to know. New interviews will be released throughout the year to dive into unique perspectives of recruiting.

Name, Title and Organization
Sacha Nunn, MBA Recruiter, Microsoft

Disclaimer: Microsoft is a big, diverse company with lots of recruiting voices. While we are all committed to our core values, the comments below are my opinions based on my experiences throughout my career at various companies.

Describe your organization in three to five sentences.
On the surface, and to many, we are simply a well-known software company creating some of the best products on the market. However, since I have been working here, it has become clear to me that we are so much more than that. I believe that our mission statement of “empowering every person and organization on the planet to achieve more,” really captures the essence of Microsoft. We are customer obsessed, data driven, and always encouraged to have a growth mindset.

What recruiting tactics have you found most successful in engaging with students and/or alumni at HBS?
It is of the utmost importance to be responsive and transparent to candidates about timelines. A recruiter must be a student’s advocate and must possess a thorough understanding of every student’s short and long-term career goals and passions. Alumni presence at recruiting events has proven to be key in allowing students to envision themselves at the company of interest.

Give us your elevator pitch – what is the one thing students should know about working for you?
Microsoft is experiencing a 21st century rebirth and, with vast resources and deep knowledge, is innovating new products and challenging old concepts. Whether you’re a summer intern or full-time hire, you have an opportunity to grow your mindset, exercise your potential, and create value at a company that is re-energized and receptive to new ideas. We understand that this impact can only be achieved through collaboration and the willingness to take risks and continue to learn from any of your growth opportunities. Your opportunity for success is only limited by your own drive to achieve more. Regardless of whether your role is directly tied to a product, it is certainly connected to making a difference.

Is there anything else you would like to share with fellow recruiters or those who are new to recruiting with HBS?
It’s important to understand that everyone is on a different career journey. A deep understanding of what each student is looking for will not only be beneficial for the student in the long run but also for the company for which they will be working. Being transparent with the opportunities that your company has to offer, as well as potential career trajectory per role, is also key to being a successful recruiter.