Why We Recruit is a series of interviews with our recruiting partners covering a variety of topics ranging from their experience working with HBS to what they want students to know. New interviews will be released throughout the year to dive into unique perspectives of recruiting.

Name, Title and Organization
Amna Belhedi, Global HR Business Partner at HelloFresh

Describe your organization in three to five sentences.
HelloFresh is the global leading meal kit delivery service. We aim to revolutionize the way people eat by making it more convenient and exciting to cook meals from scratch at home with your friends, families, colleagues and loved ones. Our growth trajectory and expansion have been phenomenal over the past few years, and look set to continue as the market grows globally.

How long has your organization been recruiting at Harvard Business School and what roles do you hire for?
HelloFresh started recruiting on campus last Fall (Oct. 2015). We came back this Spring and successfully found two amazing HBS students that joined us in Toronto and NYC this past summer. We’re mainly looking for people who are entrepreneurial and can combine commercial and business acumen with a genuine passion for food and a very customer-centric mindset.

What recruiting tactics have you found most successful in engaging with students and/or alumni at HBS?
On-campus interviews is what we find most successful. We love investing time to meet with HBS students on campus in order to understand why they came to HBS, what makes them get out of bed every morning and what will get them excited post-HBS.

Give us your elevator pitch – what is the one thing students should know about working for you?
We work in a dynamic, high-energy, high-growth environment where you can really have an impact and make a difference every single day as you develop and implement your ideas. This is a unique opportunity to grow quickly in a fast-paced, rapidly growing international startup.

Is there anything else you would like to share with fellow recruiters or those who are new to recruiting at HBS?
Be open to divert away from typical profiles you’re screening for. You’ll be surprised how versatile and well-rounded HBS students are.