Why We Recruit is a series of interviews with our recruiting partners covering a variety of topics ranging from their experience working with HBS to what they want students to know. New interviews will be released throughout the year to dive into unique perspectives of recruiting.

Name, Title and Organization
Paul Coz, Vice President Human Resources, Gorton's Seafoods

Describe your organization in three to five sentences.
Gorton's, America's iconic seafood company, is the category leader in frozen, value added seafood, providing consumers with delicious seafood offerings through retailers across the United States and Canada. We are constantly engaged with consumers who want food that is delicious and healthy, and we continue to innovate in order to provide products that satisfy these needs. The Gorton's brand offers a broad product line of high quality, frozen seafood with innovative product lines such as Grilled Fillets, Simply Bake, and Smart & Crunchy, along with traditional Fish Sticks and Fish Fillets. The Gorton's Fisherman and the "Trust the Gorton’s Fisherman" jingle are among the best known brand equities with U.S. consumers.  

How long has your organization been recruiting at Harvard Business School and what roles do you hire for?
Gorton's has been recruiting for our marketing area at HBS since the late 1980's. The role we recruit for is called Associate Marketing Manager. As a marketing-driven organization, we consider it imperative to recruit talented marketers who have a broad business perspective and outstanding leadership skills.

What recruiting tactics have you found most successful in engaging with students and/or alumni at HBS?
Targeting and connecting with students specifically interested in consumer goods marketing has been important for us. As a result, we have tapped into the various student groups, such as the Marketing Club, and have developed relationships with the industry contacts within Career & Professional Development.

Give us your elevator pitch – what is the one thing students should know about working for you?
It has never been a better time to be in seafood. Based in Gloucester, MA, we pride ourselves in having the combination of an entrepreneurial environment that is typically found in smaller companies, along with the resources of a global business. If you want to join a mission-driven organization where you can clearly recognize the difference you are making, Gorton’s is a great place to consider.

Is there anything else you would like to share with fellow recruiters or those who are new to recruiting with HBS?
Periodically attending the HBS Recruiters' Conference is a great way to establish contacts and understand the wide array of engagement opportunities that exist.