Participating in HBS recruiting events builds brand awareness and provides organizations the opportunity to connect with students. Here are 3 reasons why Company Conversations can be an effective recruiting event for you:

Connect with First and Second-Year Students: Company conversations are a great way to connect with both first and second- year students. For first-year students, this is an opportunity for you to educate them about your organization and discuss how their previous experience can be applied to an internship. Second-year students may already know your company well, but may want to learn more about the current priorities of your organization and where an MBA skill set would be especially useful in assisting with your strategy.

Flexibility: Organizations can utilize this time in a format that works best for them. Some companies will host a presentation, while others will take it as a chance to talk informally with students about their previous experience and why they’re interested in your organization.

Personal Setting: Company Conversations are designed for organizations to meet with up to 10 students, making it an ideal platform for employers looking to hire one or two candidates. In this setting, a company can create meaningful connections with a small pool of highly interested talent.

To learn even more about Company Conversations, contact our office.