Why hire a career switching MBA? They deliver results, and will excel on your team. Hiring a "Career Switcher" infuses new energy into the group. Many MBA students come to HBS to make such a switch, and to follow their passion. These students bring strong track records of achievement, transferable skills, and are driven to be strong candidate in their target field.

Here's why you should consider hiring them:

1) Career Switchers can round out a team by adding relevant experience from their prior industry.

2) They offer a unique combination of "fresh eyes" and passion.

3) They are eager to make a difference, willing to jump in and learn, and can bring a renewed energy to an established group.

Tips for Hiring Career Switchers:

1) Attract Switchers - In your job posting and/or marketing, state that you welcome candidates from different industry backgrounds to apply, even as you note the qualities and skills you see for successful candidates. Really "welcoming" them says more than saying that the organization is "open to" them.

2) Talk to them - Ask then why they are interested in working for you. Look for them to light up when describing their interest and listen for their transferrable skills. They should have done their prep work well enough that their story is compelling and they show real understanding of how they could contribute to your team.

3) Look for the fit - Career Switchers want a chance to make a difference. If you can see the passion and the skills align, look for where they would fit best. Often there is a hiring manager or team for whom the switcher would be a terrific addition.

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