Current Position:

Vice President, Strategy & Business Development at Williams-Sonoma


San Francisco, CA

Tell us what you’re up to these days.

I’m currently leading strategy for Williams-Sonoma, Inc., where I am responsible for M&A, new business development, research and insights, and cross-brand initiatives across Williams-Sonoma’s iconic eight-brand portfolio. I joined WSI after a few years in management consulting, where I managed projects across my firm’s retail and technology portfolios, and pre-MBA roles in investment banking and product management. I’ve served the retail industry in many different capacities throughout my professional career, and I’m excited to be “in house” with a company and role that fully leverages my previous experiences.

In my spare time, I’m usually exploring new dishes, taking dance fitness classes, or finding new adventures in the Bay area, where I currently reside with my husband.

How has having an MBA impacted your career?

My MBA experience allowed me to explore different ways of problem-solving; for every business challenge, the case study method revealed to me that there were ninety different ways to solve it, one for each of sectionmates. In my recent roles that have required strategic alternatives, my MBA experience has prepared me to view our opportunities from multiple perspectives and engage in active discussions and decisive actions to arrive at the best solution.

Separately, I have been actively engaged in my alumni community, which has enabled me to continue my personal and professional development. Through continuing relationships with my classmates, it’s been refreshing to have a community of like-minded peers to exchange ideas and perspectives with at different life and career stages. I’ve also volunteered with HBS Community Partners, completing pro-bono consulting projects for local non-profit organizations with alumni of all classes. These experiences have been mutually rewarding, in addition to leveraging my business expertise for social good, I’ve diversified and challenged my own approaches to business opportunities.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where will the next chapter take you?

I truly enjoy the work that I am doing in helping to drive our business forward through small and large ventures. As I progress in my career, I will continue to seek out opportunities that allow me to enhance the lives and experiences of my customers in unique and meaningful ways.

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