Hosting a company recruiting event is a great way to build brand awareness and engage with students. Based on student feedback, here are some ideas to consider when preparing to come to campus or hosting a virtual event.

Invite Dynamic and Relevant Company Representatives

Consider representatives from your organization who are charismatic, authentic and excited to meet with students. It is important that presenters are knowledgeable and passionate about the company as well as honest about what it is like to work at the company. If possible, invite representatives who represent a mix of both senior and junior personnel, have held or are currently in the role(s) you are hiring for and are alumni of Harvard Business School, or hold an MBA.

Create an Engaging Environment

Company events that are energetic and personal, while not feeling too structured are well received. We recommend that your organization welcomes candid questions. If your organization is hosting a Company Presentation, create a conversational and interactive experience which includes a mix of slides, video (if available) and plenty of time for Q&A. If your organization is hosting a Company Conversation and/or Coffee Chat, establish a setting that promotes two-way dialogue, and one that does not resemble an interview.

Arm Presenters with Relevant Content

Prepare presenters with company information, above and beyond what is on the website. Provide them with an overview and examples of the company culture, the day-to-day responsibilities of the roles you are hiring for and answers to commonly asked questions such as the number of students being hired, possible locations, and clarity on visa sponsorship and/or work authorization. Ensure they are able to speak to information about growth potential and career paths and the qualities and experience you’re looking for in a candidate. Enable presenters to be transparent about your interview process including speaking to dates, deadlines and possible interview formats. As an added bonus, provide company representatives with stories of current and past MBAs (if you have a history of MBAs) to highlight.

Additional Keys for Success:

1. Include your company’s visa sponsorship requirements in the event description.

2. Strike a good balance between the number of students and representatives you anticipate attending.

3. Follow up with students who had additional questions or with whom you’ve made a connection.

4. Include a brief description of your event format in our recruiting platform so students can prepare.

Talk to your HBS recruiting manager if you have any questions about making the most of your time with students.