I think I speak for most interns when I say that company sanctioned social outings can be a crucial part of getting to understand a firm’s culture. At my internship this summer, I and other interns have been exposed to lecture series, tours, barbecues and happy hours all organized for us… And then there was this:


I recently had the privilege of attending a baseball game with other interns at the media company I am interning for this summer. The specific team I work with is small, so it isn’t always easy to get to know others in the firm; ultimately, these intern events become crucial for rounding out the internship experience and making new friends (and future colleagues).

The day itself was a blast. Forty or so of us took a company bus to Anaheim and were treated to lunch by the company. In between hot dogs, soda and cracker jacks, we had time to learn more about each other’s backgrounds and summer experiences so far. While it’s a bit late in the summer and some people are even getting ready to leave soon, the bonds we made over a few hours will never be forgotten.

So what happened at the game? The “good guys” (the Angels) won a two hit shutout against the Twins. The game was a classic pitcher’s duel that ended with an overenthusiastic fan running onto the field and getting tackled by security… perhaps another part of the afternoon that we will never forget.

- Nick, MBA 2014