Join HBS Career & Professional Development (CPD) as we follow three students throughout their summer internships, and learn best practices for creating a successful summer program.

Internships by design are just ten to twelve weeks, but the impact that HBS students can make in that time can influence an organizations’ success longterm. Watch as three Class of 2017 students highlight the projects they worked on during their summer internships, and the impacts they made. Francesca Ioffreda created the business case for a new digital innovation platform at CVS Health that is slated to go into production in 2017. Lily Wu, who joined The Whitney Museum of American Art, was instrumental in prioritizing the resources and initiatives needed to fully execute the museum’s three-year strategic plan. Ahmed Eldemerdash developed two products for Cimpress including B2B e-commerce storefronts and an API for merchants and fulfillers. All three stories represent examples of how organizations and HBS students can work together to create a lasting impact in a short period of time.

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