Join HBS Career & Professional Development (CPD) as we follow three students throughout their summer internships, and learn best practices for creating a successful summer program.

An effective onboarding process can have many benefits for both employers and their new hires, including increased job performance and satisfaction. Watch as three Class of 2017 students highlight their internship onboarding experiences. Francesca Ioffreda touts the onboarding at CVS Digital Innovation, which began before she stepped foot into the office. Lily Wu, who joined The Whitney Museum of American Art, talks to the importance of the cultural orientation which enhanced her understanding of how to be effective in her new surrounding. Ahmed Eldemerdash explains how having one-to-one meetings with key stake holders on his product development team at Cimpress allowed him to understand the full scope of the company, and how his summer role would evolve. All three stories represent examples of how deliberate onboarding can lead to successful and satisfied employees.

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