For the first time, our office followed three students from the classroom to their summer internship workplaces. Learn how to create a successful internship environment by watching as these students tell all.

Meet Francesca Ioffreda, Ahmed Eldemerdash and Lily Wu, three Class of 2017 students who share the career criteria that drove their internship searches and how their respective organizations aligned with their passions.

An effective onboarding process can have many benefits for both employers and their new hires, including increased job performance and satisfaction. Watch as Francesca, Ahmed and Lily highlight the onboarding experiences at CVS Digital Innovation, Cimpress and The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, which led to positive summer experiences.

Internships by design are just ten to twelve weeks, but the impact that HBS students can make in that time can influence an organizations’ success long term. Learn about the projects students work on and the impacts they can make.

Explore ways to meet and recruit an intern to support your organization's priorities on the Recruiting Guide.