HBS Career & Professional Development (CPD) asked students to describe their career interests and what they are up to this summer.


Mary Li, MBA 2018

Current Position:

Summer Fellow

Company and Location:

KIPP Bay Area Schools, San Francisco, CA

Tell us what you are up to this summer.

This summer, I'm interning at KIPP, a public charter school network that aims to lower the achievement gap in K-12 education by serving underserved communities. I'm currently working on two projects: developing a 4-year strategic plan for the team and helping the team with its hiring efforts. I'm loving my internship so far, and am very impressed by the quality of people who work here and the impact KIPP has created in the community. My favorite part so far has been volunteering at a KIPP high school graduation. It was just an incredible experience seeing our confident young adults celebrating their hard-work and achievements, and moving onto very impressive colleges. Seeing our students in action makes a career in social impact both rewarding and meaningful!