HBS Career & Professional Development (CPD) asked students to describe their career interests and what they are up to this summer.

Current Position:

Summer Fellow

Company and Location:

City of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)

Tell us what you are up to this summer.

This summer, I am working in city government in my hometown of Philadelphia. After decades of economic decline there are signs of a resurgence. My work this summer has been to help create a government strategy that supports and accelerates this resurgence while ensuring its benefits accrue to all Philadelphians. Many cities in the U.S. have enjoyed recent economic gains, but all too often those gains are concentrated in particular segments of society based on race, zip code, and income level.

So far, my work has involved interviewing government, non-profit, advocacy, and business stakeholders, researching best practices from other cities, and analyzing data to help the City’s leadership decide what programs, policies, and initiatives can best promote inclusive economic growth. The experience has afforded me an incredible learning experience while also affirming my interest in a public sector career. Further, it has been personally meaningful to have the opportunity to contribute to my hometown. Getting to intern for the City of Philadelphia the same year the Eagles won the Super Bowl (against Boston no less) doesn’t hurt either!