The energy industry has been shaken over the last year as oil prices have dropped from over $110 to below $50, with OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) promising no relief to the supply glut and American producers continuing to pull from massive shale reserves in the battle for global market share and geopolitical relevance. This volatility in oil prices comes at the same time that the world is shifting from a dependence on fossil fuels to cleaner, more sustainable alternatives through regulations, new technologies and funding from investors.

How should the big oil conglomerates manage or adjust their investments in coming years? What are the key opportunities for businesses in the cleantech space? How long will it take for the oil markets to rebound, what represents a fair price, and how will that affect demand for alternative energy sources? What role should governments play in these changes, and how does that differ for emerging and developed nations? Bringing together over 50 executives and thought leaders from the energy industry, the 2015 Energy Symposium at Harvard Business School will strive to answer these questions and more, and will examine what the future of the global energy industry holds.

Symposium Highlights:

-800 attendees from across the globe

-12 panels covering topics in energy finance, technology & innovation in the energy industry, energy policy, and managing change

-Keynote speeches from three notable industry professionals:

  • Aldo Flores-Quiroga, Secretary General of the International Energy Forum
  • Ahmad Chatila, CEO of SunEdison
  • Miguel Galuccio, CEO of YPF

Attend the 2015 Energy Symposium:

-When: October 17, 2015

-Where: Harvard Business School

-How: TICKETS are still available

Connect with Attendess:

-Follow #HBSEnergySymposium