In an effort to provide our recruiting partners with the most timely and relevant information about recruiting at HBS, we've launched a new website seamlessly integrating ways to engage with current students and alumni. Below are the new features that we hope you will find helpful:

1) Recruiting Guide - The recruiting guide has everything you need to know about engaging with current MBA student and Alumni including:

  • Posting a job in our recruiting platform to let candidates know you are hiring
  • Searching resume databases: MBA by class, Student Clubs, and Alumni
  • Participating in recruiting events that match your hiring needs
  • Finding Student Clubs to partner with that are relevant to your target audience

2) Data & Statistics - The new data and statistics section provides a more interactive experience for those interested in learning about career and internship hiring trends. The scope of available information includes five year's worth of historial data self-reported by HBS students, including:

  • At-a-glance: Take a look at student and employment profiles, from career and internship perspectives
  • Deeper breakdowns: See the percentage of students pursuing both summer and full-time employment by industry, function, and location. A world map provides an extensive view of data by location
  • Entrepreneurship: Discover how many students joined start-ups or founded their own ventures

3) Perspectives - A quick look into the careers of HBS students and alumni include:

  • Personal stories that are sortable by industry, function, and location
  • Narrative from students on why they want to pursue their careers in your industry. Anecdotes on how our students and alumni hope to make an impact in their careers

4) Calendar - Download the recruiting calendar and don't miss out on important recruiting dates and events including:

  • Recruiting strategy sessions in a city near you - see the schedule here
  • Career and summer internship hiring dates

-Brittany Sullivan, HBS Career & Professional Development