When contacting candidates of interest, customization is required to be impactful. If you spend a few extra minutes to personalize your email, then a student is far more likely to respond.

Personalization doesn't have to be over the top. You can still use a mail merge if necessary. However, adding a sentence or two that shows why you feel the candidates would be qualified for the position will go a long way.

There are many ways to make your email feel more personal. Here are a few examples:

  • "Your past experience in the ___ industry caught my attention as we are looking for someone like you to help us round out our team."
  • "I saw you are involved in the ___ club, and thought you might be a fit for our management position."
  • "I see your undergraduate major was in ___. I'd love to talk more about what you are looking for."

The next time you contact a candidate, include a few personalized comments. It will show that you are genuinely interested in getting to know them, and want to build a relationship with them.

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-Lauren Murphy, HBS Career & Professional Development