In 2020, some of our most popular articles reflect the challenges faced throughout the business world and beyond, both before and during COVID-19. This year has tested our abilities to change and adapt, and to rally together to enact meaningful change in society. In case you missed them, below are our Top 5 Blog Posts from 2020:

1. Best Practices for Creating a Successful, Virtual Internship

In the wake of COVID-19, companies around the world quickly changed how they get work done, including planning to manage summer internships. Pivoting from the normal in-person internship to a successful virtual experience requires plans to onboard, train, and develop impactful work for students to take on during this abnormal time.

2. Actively Addressing Unconscious Bias in Recruiting

The importance of naming and addressing institutional racism has many people focusing on what one can do, as individuals and as employers, to improve diversity, inclusion and understanding at one’s organization. Discover resources and recommendations compiled from experts at the Harvard Business School, along with actions you can take now to make a lasting difference.

3. Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital at Harlem Capital

Walking into Harvard Business School as friends, roommates, and colleagues in 2017, Henri Pierre-Jacques (MBA 2019) and Jarrid Tingle (MBA 2019) already knew each other well. What they didn’t know yet was how their angel syndicate, Harlem Capital, would grow, evolve, and change the face of entrepreneurship and investing over the next two years and beyond.

4. Hiring a Career Switcher: The Value of the MS-MBA

The MS/MBA curriculum builds upon students’ existing technical skills and, through the MBA Program’s first-year required curriculum, adds knowledge in nearly every essential aspect of business, including finance, leadership, marketing, and operations. As a result, students are equipped to add significant value in their summer internship and beyond, even as a career switcher.

5. How to Create a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Candidates consider many factors when seeking new job opportunities – location, role, benefits, and compensation to name just a few. Yet there is another element that may be more difficult to explain on paper but is just as critical – organizational culture.