Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a community at Harvard Business School for individuals who are interested in exploring health and wellness trends and connecting with like-minded students, entrepreneurs, and leaders in this space. We ask our members to think critically about this industry and hope to engage with a variety of business leaders, entrepreneurs, customers, and practitioners. We want to question assumptions, test theories, and ask questions. We also want our members to make personal connections, explore ideas, and have fun.

Why We Started the Health & Wellness Club

When it came time to sign up for clubs during the Fall 2020 HBS Club Fair, a small group of interested people noticed a gap in this space. “Where’s the club for lovers of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop? How can I connect with others that are as passionate about workplace wellness?” This small group began a group-chat that developed into the start of the Harvard Business School Health and Wellness Club.

The pandemic has been an opportunity for many people to rethink how they spend their time, who they spend their time with, and what they prioritize. As we re-emerge from the pandemic, people are taking a hard look at their health and the habits that contribute to it, whether through at-home workouts, herbal remedies, clean products within our homes, or emotional grounding through meditation and self-care techniques.

As it stands right now, the global wellness industry is $4.2 trillion. Experts predict that the market will continue to grow in leaps and bounds in the coming years. We hope to serve as a conduit for business school students and partners looking to create positive change in the industry in the years ahead.

Opportunities for Employers

The Health & Wellness Club promotes an environment for its members to become tomorrow’s Health & Wellness industry leaders. The club seeks to build connections between members and the health & wellness community beyond HBS. Contact the Health & Wellness Club to:

  • Promote relevant internship or full-time opportunities to members.
  • Join our mailing list for updates on cross-school and open access events.
  • Help provide members with a wide range of activities including workshops, expert-led panels, experiential learning, and much, much more.
  • Speak on a panel.
  • Host a focus group with our members for new marketing, messaging or a new product.


Health & Wellness Leadership