HBS places a high priority on academics and the communal learning benefits of the case method, so in an effort to support the school’s mission, students are not allowed to miss classes for recruiting purposes. However, we understand that students are balancing their academics with their job search, and our recruiting partners want to find time to connect with students. These interactions are very important and we want to support you throughout the recruiting process. Therefore, each year, the Career & Professional Development office works closely with the administration to carve out “Job Search Days” on the academic calendar. On Job Search Days students are free from academic obligations and can devote their time to interviewing, networking, and applying to jobs. As you plan for interviews during the spring semester, we encourage you to utilize the Job Search Days to ensure that students will be able to travel to your office without missing classes. There are Job Search Days spread out throughout the spring semester, so we hope that you can find several days that might work well for you and your colleagues. As always, we encourage you to contact your Recruiting Relations Manager with any questions.

EC (Second-Year) Job Search Days
January 30February 16 (Presidents’ Day), 27March 16-20 (Spring Break)April 3, 20 (Patriots’ Day)

RC (First-Year) Job Search Days
January 30February 6, 13, 16 (Presidents’ Day)March 2, 16-20 (Spring Break), 31April 3, 20 (Patriots’ Day), 21