It’s crazy how time flies, so much has happened since my last post and I am less than two weeks away from the end of my internship at Global Fashion Group(GHG)!

The past few weeks have been very busy at work and in general. My project scope initially was to investigate the feasibility of introducing a new operational strategy for a group of sellers. After a few weeks of investigation my manager and I pushed to initiate the launch of this new operational strategy, which has been super cool.

After visiting the warehouse and offices in Malaysia and Philippines I was able to put together a recommended approach to move forward. We redesigned the entire process for an important group of sellers that contribute around 30% of GFG’s Net Merchandise Value, assessed the features and resources required, and developed the roll-out roadmap. Throughout this process I had the opportunity to work with different teams including Buyers, Seller Relationship Managers, Product Managers, and Developers. I now have a very good understanding of how much effort and resources go behind every single button we press on any website or mobile application.

It has been an exciting couple of weeks, especially because I’ve had the opportunity to pitch the solution to different markets and hopefully will be able to launch it before I leave in 2 weeks!

This experience has been enriching in so many ways:

First - I fully managed the project and timeline. With ownership comes a lot of responsibility, and I have had to push our recommendation forward with key stakeholders.

Second - I had the opportunity to visit different markets and get a close view on the processes and challenges. This enabled me to develop a very specific solution to support different teams.

Third - Given the range of stakeholders involved I’ve been building and managing really good relationships with different people at the company.

Fourth - I was in search of an opportunity that involved not only developing recommendations, but driving them forward. Although I will not be around for the entire execution process, I will hopefully be able to launch it before I leave.

Fifth - Finally, a really satisfying aspect of this project is my involvement in the creation of a potentially very impactful internal initiative that will support GFG ventures in enhancing the sellers’ experience, creating a competitive edge in a growing market, and optimizing internal resources to increase profitability.

Thanks to the empowering management at work, the amazing office culture, the great friendships, and the beautiful places I’ve had the chance to visit in the region, I could not have asked for a better, more exciting summer!

It is definitely a very bittersweet feeling to be leaving Singapore soon…