Meet four Class of 2018 students who share the career criteria that drove their internship searches, and how their respective organizations aligned with their passions. Accepting a summer internship at Nike, Ross Galloway wanted to transition from his past experience in business unit strategy, to corporate strategy, giving him a holistic view of how organizations think about future growth. Pallavi Thatai, who joined Tesla in San Francisco and transitioned from a finance background, is hoping to gain insight into what it is like to work on small team in an operating company. Passionate about renewable energy, Molly Middaugh accepted a position at Next Era Energy where she will be on their resource development team working on their battery-storage products. Rebecca Scharfstein, a joint-degree student at the Harvard Kennedy School, is working at The Boston Consulting Group in their people and organization practice, pursuing her desire of working in human capital. Hear below what students are hoping to gain from their summer internships.

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