As marketers, we believe it is our job to create value, communicate that value to our customers, and capture a portion of that value for our firms. A great way to do this is to build strong brands, allowing us to reap the benefits of stronger customer recognition and loyalty, enhanced credibility, and a competitive edge in the market. Of course, this is easier said than done. In a world of rapid technology advancements and changing consumer preferences, marketers are constantly tested on how quickly they can adapt and reassess their marketing toolkits. The Brand Summit, hosted by the Marketing Club at Harvard Business School, aims to provide a platform where current and future marketing professionals can connect, share branding ideas, and grow together.

We will kick off the Brand Summit with our third annual Marketing Case Competition on November 3, 2018. Teams of MBA students from top schools across the country will compete for the $2,000 grand prize. This case will require participants to complete quantitative and qualitative analyses similar to those expected in post-MBA marketing roles. It is a great opportunity to test skills, learn something new, and have an experience to discuss during interviews.

The Brand Summit will take place on November 4, 2018. It will feature a day of inspiring talks from our keynote speakers from Peloton, Carnival Corporation, and Google’s Nest and Home, plus educational breakout sessions led by successful branding practitioners, and, of course, multiple networking events that will allow participants to build community. We will zero in on many interesting topics including the role of big data in branding, branding a global company, brand refreshes, activism branding, influencer branding, and more!

We encourage companies to engage with our Brand Summit as well! Many first-year students use the Brand Summit as an opportunity to explore summer internship opportunities and network with professionals from some of the largest firms that hire MBAs for marketing roles. Our sponsors will have the opportunity to meet 300+ highly qualified MBA students in the peak of the recruiting period and have access to filter resumes by students in the marketing club. Additionally, our sponsors get to expose their brands to hundreds of MBA students, faculty, and company executives.

The Brand Summit planning team, comprised of first and second-year students, is beyond excited to welcome students and professionals to our campus in the coming weeks! Visit our website to learn more.