The summer internship experience provides students the opportunity to apply their learnings to a real business environment and continue exploring their career interests. With the majority of the class completing internships all over the world, we wanted to share some of their stories. Presented below is a snapshot of stories from students who took over our Instagram account to give us a first-hand look into their exciting summer experiences. 

Anita Mehrotra, Caldwell Partners

Anita Mehrotra's internship experience was unique in that she began her summer at Caldwell Partners' headquarters in Toronto, before working in their offices in California and New York City. Anita worked with the CFO and COO to implement the executive search firm's new digital strategy.

Jenn Volk, Sephora Innovation Lab 

Jenn Volk spent her summer in San Francisco merging her interest in retail with her background in technology at the Sephora Innovation Lab. Jenn researched the impacts of artificial intelligence on the retail industry and participated in idea hackathons to brainstorm creative new ways for the brand to innovate.

Adam Behrens, Analytical Space

Adam Behrens spent his summer building software to put satellites into space with Analytical Space, a fast-growing Boston start-up. Adam built the software for a satellite Analytical Space is planning to launch in the fall. He collaborated with two engineering teams who were responsible for building the physical satellite and the ground terminal.

Ross Galloway, Nike

Ross Galloway spent his summer at Nike on their Global Strategic Planning team. While interning at their headquarters in Oregon, Ross connected with HBS alumni who currently work at Nike on the digital, finance, strategy, innovation and global football teams.  He also enjoyed Nike's athletic culture that included taking time for a workout and biking to meetings around campus. 

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