The last post, Event Planning for Recruiting Success – Part 1, reviewed the two main recruiting events at HBS, Company Presentations and public Company Conversations. In Part 2 we will cover hosting virtual events, meeting with targeted groups of students, and building your brand through industry education. It is worth reiterating that not every event is right for every company; use this as a guide to determine which format(s) would be most successful for your organization.

What if I can’t travel to Boston?

Both Company Presentations and Company Conversations can be successfully held virtually and we encourage you to consider this option. Our students are interested in companies all over the world, and they have limited time in their academic schedules to travel. Likewise, for many companies traveling to Boston is not feasible due to time and budget restrictions, so virtual recruiting helps overcome that obstacle.

For virtual Company Presentations, you can send students a video conference link so that they can attend your presentation in real time or view a recording at a later date. Offering flexibility is an additional benefit of virtual presentations. For virtual Company Conversations, you can reserve one of our office’s video conference rooms. Or, use your preferred web based video conference tool and we can reserve small rooms on campus for students if they need a quiet space. For public Company Conversations (open to all students), our office can manage student sign ups and schedules on your behalf.

Can I meet with a targeted group of students?

Many companies choose to hold dinners, receptions, or invite-only Company Conversations (formally coffee chats) as stand alone events or in conjunction with a Presentation or public Company Conversations. These events offer an opportunity for you to get to know candidates and for them to glean more information about your company culture. Keep in mind that dinners and receptions are held off campus and organizations are responsible for the cost. Company Conversations however can be held on campus free of charge.

Companies manage all advertising for targeted events so using the resume book and/or student clubs to attract students is critical to success. Tailor your messaging to individual students whenever possible to create the connection before the event even begins and encourage your target candidates to spend the limited time they have available with your firm. If you are planning a dinner or reception that is open to all interested students, please let us know and we can advertise your event on our recruiting platform.

How else can I build my brand on campus?

Recruiting events are not the only way to ensure that students know about your company and the interesting work you are doing. Industry Education events, open to first and second-year students, give companies an opportunity to come to campus and discuss a topic of interest to students. Examples include a recent deal your company was involved in, managing work life balance, innovations in healthcare, or stock valuation. A great Industry Education event encourages conversation, provides a look behind the scenes, and keeps our MBA students’ wheels turning. It increases your brand awareness on campus and helps build up your recruiting pipeline without discussing recruiting. 

Before scheduling an Industry Education event through our office, think through your topic, speakers, and the unique insight your company can share. Industry Education events are not recruiting events and should not include any information on potential job opportunities or the hiring process. When an Industry Education event takes a turn towards recruiting, students are turned off from the company. We hear this feedback often and want to help you avoid this pitfall.

We will open our recruiting platform for targeted event and Industry Education date requests on June 4th. Contact your Recruiting Relations Manager to discuss what types of events may work well for your company.

Key Takeaways

Our office wants to help you find the students who would be a great fit for your organization and make sure that those students really understand what makes your opportunity unique. Connect with us now to discuss how to best optimize your time with students before requesting event dates.

To learn more about virtual events, industry education and targeted events, visit the Recruiting Guide.