Tell us about your role at HBS.

As the Market Intelligence Manager in Career & Professional Development, I strive to identify, analyze, and understand MBA hiring trends that influence the strategic priorities of our office. Although my role is highly analytical, I get to create really interesting and innovative data solutions that impact CPD’s approach to employer relations and marketing initiatives. When I first stepped into my position in March 2015, I got the opportunity to launch Intelligence, Opportunities & Updates (IOU), a new employment reporting platform, which was an exciting and challenging first project!

What is your favorite part about working with data?

I primarily work with first year students at HBS, and I love being able to help them perform important research while they figure out their summer plans. Since I played an integral part in rolling out some of CPD’s new data tools, I have enjoyed becoming an IOU subject matter expert and learning the ins and outs of anticipating and answering students’ questions. My goals are to consistently and proactively extend data support to students and ensure that the data is always accessible and helpful.

What is an interesting data trend you have seen?

Many students come to HBS wanting to learn about industries and functions that differ from what they experienced before school. In fact, 61% of students from the Class of 2015 who accepted full-time jobs chose a role in a completely different industry. I dug a little deeper into data from the Classes of 2014 and 2015, and, not surprisingly, the career change trend was apparent year-over-year.

On an industry-specific level, 24% of students who worked in consulting before HBS, accepted full-time jobs in technology after graduation. 23% of students coming from financial services roles interestingly remained within the sector but switched their focus. The vast majority moved from private equity into the investment management / hedge fund space. And, 43% of students with manufacturing positions before HBS accepted consulting offers after they left school.

So, in light of this remarkable data, we want to know why students change careers. What we hear varies, but many students express that coming to HBS opens up a new slate of job options. From the classes they take and the classmates they meet, to having the opportunity to engage with companies across so many industries and geographies, students are eager to explore. At the end of the day, the data truly shows that HBS enables its students to make some pretty exciting career choices.

Tell us a fun fact.

I rescued a dog last summer, and we live close to HBS, so her favorite activity is to chase all of the bunnies around campus… It keeps her pretty busy.