Career & Professional Development recently spent a week in Dublin at the 4th annual Web Summit. It was evident from the attendance and energy at the conference that the technology and entrepreneurship scenes are thriving in Dublin. In addition to the Web Summit, we checked in with the Dublin offices of Dropbox, Google and Twitter. It was great to meet HBS alumni and recruiters at their place of work and to see that the cultures of these firms are alive and well while incorporating the Dublin vibe. As for the Web Summit, HBS was represented in a big way with speakers from HBS alumni founded companies Cloudflare, Peek, Zynga, Gilt and others.

We left Dublin feeling super excited about the career possibilities for our students and alumni. For our recruiting partners in Dublin and Europe beyond or for organizations based in the US with international opportunities, we’d love to hear from you about your hiring needs for the coming year. With 6% of the Class of 2014 who sought employment accepting jobs in Europe and 17% accepting jobs in technology overall, there’s an ongoing pool of interested talent to meet your hiring needs.

-Cathy Hutchinson, Corporate Relations Director, HBS Career & Professional Development