The Class of 2018 has continued the trend of finding opportunities in diverse sectors across the landscape of MBA hiring, including positions in hospitality, real estate and health care delivery in addition to roles in consulting, private equity and technology. Our students spend time researching organizations and opportunities where they’ll be able to hit the ground running and make a difference right away, with 8% of the class starting their own company at graduation, and 9% of the job seekers joining a start-up. We find that while many students are attracted to the established programs that MBAs are typically drawn to, such as rotations and leadership development programs, we also see that 43% are the only 2018 HBS hire for their organization and are interested in paving their own way on a new path.

What does all this data mean? There is a place out there that’s a good fit for everyone, and our students pursue opportunities in sectors around the world. Let us know if you’re interested in an intern or a full-time hire this year – we’d love to work with you! Contact our office or view career and internship choices for the MBA Classes of 2018 and 2019.