We are pleased to announce that career and internship choices for the Classes of 2016 and 2017 are now available. This year’s industry, function, and location choices are similar to those of previous classes, with 94 percent of graduating students receiving an offer and 91 percent accepting an offer within three months after graduation.

Consulting and technology remain strong, with 25 percent of the Class of 2016 seeking employment accepting full-time positions at consulting firms and 19 percent accepting opportunities at technology organizations. Health care is up to 8 percent, as compared to 6 percent last year. The rise in students pursuing opportunities in health care appears to be driven by students accepting full-time opportunities in the medical devices, diagnostics, and providers’ space. There was also an increase in students entering the energy sector, with 2 percent of students seeking employment accepting full-time opportunities as compared to one percent last year. This appears to be driven by the number of students pursuing opportunities in the oil and gas sector. Location choices are mostly on par with last year’s destinations; however, growth is seen in the number of students accepting full-time opportunities in Asia and the northeast United States.

With regards to internship choices, Class of 2017 students seeking opportunities also accepted positions in industries similar to the classes before them. Slight increases were seen in nonprofit/government and consumer packaged goods, with the later appearing to be driven by interest in smaller, early-stage companies.

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