With the support of the HBS Summer Fellows Program, I had the opportunity to follow my passion and work on my project to support senior care in China.

As China is entering into an ageing society sooner than everyone might have imagined (222 million, 16.1% older than 60 years old, which will reach 400 million by 2033 and one third of the population by 2050), I wanted to utilize my background in health care services / life insurance, to be part of the solution to provide better care to this population (knowing that as a single child this problem will hit my family one day.)

Meanwhile, my grandpa (someone who means a lot to me) had been hospitalized almost at the same time that I started studying at HBS. Witnessing what he has experienced, now not just the rational part of me is calling, the emotional part is urging me to do something.

This summer, I worked on my project LeCare, a senior service engagement, curation and advisory platform, back in China. We have learned first-hand that this is still a forming and fragmented market where customers have need but not yet demand. There is a lack of a dedicated channel for this service and products have been of varying quality in the current market. 

I have felt that my biggest achievement while working on this project, has been pulling together seven very diversified team members from the Harvard Public Health School, Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Divinity School, to partner with local practitioners, who all share the same purpose.

We have visited many local senior care homes, talked to customers and industry insiders, launched a social media channel to gain customer insights, and have been developing local partnerships with hospitals and qualified professional care companies.

Walking outside one of the community assisted-living homes, I took a deep breathe. The living / mental conditions of the elderly, particularly those with Alzheimer's disease, was difficult to witness and I felt the meaning of our work. There is still a very long way to go, and the process is more important than the destination. I am very grateful that HBS has supported me to start the process this summer.