2020 was a year we won’t soon forget. Individuals and organizations around the globe were faced with unprecedented challenges that pushed their creativity, resolve, and resilience to the limits. We faced a global health pandemic, an economic crisis, and a public reckoning with racism in the United States. It was a year of painful yet important lessons that we will all take with us into 2021.

What we have found at HBS, and in working closely with our partner organizations, is that through it all, communities consistently came together in 2020, while staying the requisite 6 feet apart. Individuals and groups offered support, guidance, and resources knowing that the only way to get through one crisis after another was together.

In that spirit, we look forward to supporting our recruiting partners into 2021, just as you support our students and alumni and their career goals. Let’s work together to recruit and retain talent within your organization utilizing the important tools, strategies, and resources that make an impact. We are grateful you are part of our community, and it’s an honor to be part of yours.

Take Actionable Steps Towards Racial and Social Justice

Conversations around diversity, inclusion, and racial and social justice must continue in order to make a much-needed difference in society and specifically within our places of employment. Alumni, faculty, and DIB professionals weigh in on the critical steps we need to take in order to move forward.

Enhance Virtual Recruiting and Remote Work Practices

Virtual was our reality in 2020, and there have been many benefits to organizations and individuals getting comfortable with these new platforms. While we hope in-person interactions will be revived in 2021, virtual recruiting and remote work will remain an important part of many organizations’ strategies in order to engage with candidates and employees around the world.

Engage with HBS

HBS students and staff are eager to hear from you in 2021 to answer questions and lend support.

Connect with HBS Student Clubs

The student clubs at HBS have remained actively engaged this year and are an important source of career education for their members through newsletters and virtual events. At HBS you’ll find over 50 career-focused clubs including those for specific industries, functions, affinity groups, and geographies. Reach out to club leaders for help publicizing your job postings or virtual events.

Contact the CPD Team

Our team is here and ready to answer your questions and point you to resources at any time. In a future that in many ways remains uncertain, having a support team available to help you navigate complex hiring questions can be invaluable. If you’d like to connect with your industry specific recruiting team, simply search by Focus Area or email us at cpd@hbs.edu.

We will also continue to provide timely articles and interviews on our Recruiting Blog to support our recruiting partners.

Thank you for your continued partnership with HBS. We wish you much success in 2021!