HBS Career & Professional Development (CPD) asked students to describe their career interests and what they are up to this summer.

I hope to invest in assets that will be impacted by climate change, and subsequently, mitigate climate change through the power of investing.

In my view, real assets, particularly agriculture, is the asset class that is most susceptible to climate change. The global food system contributes upwards of one-third of all anthropogenic greenhouse-gas emissions, so agriculture is also an area where the opportunity to mitigate emissions is extraordinary. From an investment standpoint, the cost of emissions and resource scarcity, particularly water, is largely yet to been priced in, and I believe there are plenty of strong buying opportunities in many markets. Real assets, such as farmland, can also offer a portfolio uncorrelated returns and serve as an inflation hedge.

This summer, I am interning with PGIM Real Estate Finance’s agricultural equity investment team in San Francisco, CA. This group acquires farmland across the United States and across various commodities. I discovered the opportunity through the Toigo Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides underrepresented minorities in finance with the resources and guidance needed to develop into industry leaders. As a Toigo Fellow, I was able to meet with top investment management firms before even stepping foot on campus.

I am most excited to experience the deal process first-hand, and I cannot wait to go on my first property tour and see more of the beautiful Pacific West.