Classes started the other week and I am settling into the busy hum of case studies, student club events and catching up with classmates. Each conversation is a new opportunity to reflect upon my summer experience. Looking back, my time at Danaher was an intense period of learning, action and self-discovery. I got a glimpse of how Danaher operated through the lens of Beckman Coulter, an operating company. I scratched the surface of the healthcare and diagnostics industry and put theory to practice with lots of customer interactions.

The second year at HBS is a wonderful time because we can choose classes of interest. I discovered a newfound curiosity in healthcare this summer and decided to change my course selection to include Healthcare IT. Since my project at Danaher brought me in close working relations with the marketing and sales team, I’ve become very interested in B2B marketing and sales operations. I plan to audit Business Marketing & Sales, one of the classes that focus on exactly that. In the Winter term, I will be taking Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise (BSSE) and General Management: Action and Processes to further my understanding of general management.

As I embark on this next stage of learning and discovery, I am certain that my summer experience at Danaher will provide a valuable benchmark and perspective.

-Gong Ke, MBA 2015