A new year can bring a refreshed outlook and an ambitious attitude to hit-the-ground-running with new goals and initiatives. But, where should you start? No matter the size of your organization or budget, the below five resolutions can be a starting point or a way to frame how you think about your role, professional development and the way that your organization can run as efficiently as possible.

1. Trainings for Hiring Managers –Setting up onboarding processes is a critical part of any new employee’s experience. Make it a priority to hold trainings for your current hiring managers, not just new employees, to ensure that they have the tools and ongoing professional development to be the best managers possible and to make sure they are getting support as well. Topics to focus on can include, delegation of tasks to new employees, how to have difficult conversations, establishing trust, and how managers can seek out their own mentors in the workplace. By offering ongoing training and development to employees at all levels, you can ensure that every staff member is able to grow.

2. Learn new trends - It’s important to stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices in the HR space. Listen to new podcasts during your commute on the future of work, read an industry blog at lunch each day, join a professional organization in your city where you can network with peers and take new ideas back to your team or attend a conference on the future of recruiting and hiring.

3. Master logistics – In our daily work, there are logistics and administrative components that we have to do to keep the ship steering in the right direction. Are you using the most user-friendly payroll systems or reporting time software? Are there new products in the market that you can look into for master efficiency? Talk to your friends at similar sized companies to see what products they use for their performance management, time reporting and dissemination of pay. No budget for new technology? No problem. Just take inventory on your everyday processes when it comes to logistics to see if you are being as efficient as possible. It could help streamline your day to focus more on strategy and sourcing.

4. Commit to hiring diverse candidates – Organizations stay competitive and innovative when they fill their office with talent who have different perspectives, varied skills and unique life experiences. Take the time to do an office audit. You can do this by making sure that you are avoiding unconscious biases by looking at the resumes you forward to hiring managers, establish an organizational commitment in writing promoting diversity and inclusion, or work with your marketing team to diversify the branding of the career pages on your website and social media campaigns. By sharing these goals and having them become part of your organization’s DNA, not only will you help to attract more talent, you will keep your current employees proud to work in a supportive and inclusive environment.

5. Meet With Your Community – So often we are focused on how our organization can help improve the office experience for everyone, instead of looking outside of the office walls. Take the time to meet with vendors physically surrounding your office to see if they can offer deals on certain consumer products or meals, volunteer opportunities, gym discounts, etc. Your employees will appreciate this added benefit and you will add the association of positive brand awareness with constituents in your surrounding community.

By taking the initiative to prioritize your goals in a manageable way, not only will you set yourself up for success in 2019, but you will professionally develop in tandem with enhancing the experience of the employees at your organization.