In my sixth week on the job, I finally got my first voicemail: “Hey Julie, it’s Erik. I just got out of a meeting and I’ve got a little side project for you, if you’re interested. Shouldn’t be more than a couple of days – would be a great learning opportunity. I’m heading back up to the office now, will stop by to tell you about it.” [Click]

Pretty cryptic, all things considered, but one thing was certain: if your boss calls and says there’s a side project he’d like you to work on, your involvement is not contingent upon your level of interest regardless of whether he used the word “if.” Armed with a thumb drive laden with PowerPoint decks and Excel files, I will take a new morning commute tomorrow to a new office with a new boss and begin a two-day stint lending a hand on this side project.
Who knew I’d get two internships for the price of one?

- Julie Whorton, MBA 2014