Hi! My name is Nick Singh and I’m a first year student at Harvard Business School. It’s the end of the year here at HBS, and I am amazed at how time has flown by! The experience is bitter sweet as I get ready for an exciting summer interning with a media company out in LA while leaving an incredible place with familiar friends and sights.

At the moment, we are frantically preparing for finals, picking courses for next year, and (when we get the chance) reflecting on our past year (see below – it is a rarity to have computers in an HBS classroom but we were allowed to use them for RC end-of-year evaluations!).


It was at this point in class that I started to think critically about the year that has been. Some highlights include (with specific moments in parentheses):

  • The Section Experience: Having every class and spending so much time outside of it with the same group of people builds a unique and enduring group of friends and future business partners.
  • Participating in the ‘New’ Curriculum with FIELD: From travelling to foreign countries (Brazil) to starting a new venture (making an app to capture a young child’s unique experiences), we’ve been to new, dynamic places and started entities that we had only dreamed about.
  • Working with the Entertainment & Media Club: I bonded with so many other E&M enthusiasts, which further propelled my passion and excitement for the sector.

While I don’t know exactly what the summer will bring, I know that HBS has better prepared me and fellow RCs to deal with the unknown. Time after time this year, we have been thrown into new situations where problem solving and calm have been a must! Through learning from each other, we have developed new skills/characteristics while internalizing different perspectives and approaches.

Did I mention that things are frantic? I’m also preparing to travel to Japan before my internship, so the exciting new experiences just keep on coming. I’m looking forward to future posts updating everyone about the summer but before I do that I also still need to get my summer housing completely sorted out…

I promise to be back soon!

- Nick Singh, MBA 2014