Walking into the lobby to complete all the necessary pre-employment paperwork, etc., I felt an unexpected sense of homecoming. I’d forgotten how much I liked hospitals. Go ahead, baulk. Call me crazy, say it’s not normal. I’m used to that. I know that to many, hospitals are scary, filled with disease and sickness – but to me, hospitals are powerfully human and fascinatingly complex. I loved that the cases in the first-year forced me into different industries, from retail to insurance, from tech to mining, from Pixar to the Greek debt crisis – but man, it felt good to be home. Imagine my surprise, then, when throughout my first week on the job all I could think was, “This is just like we talked about in [insert the name of any first-year course].” I am not being hyperbolic. Class discussions regularly come to mind as I sit in meetings, talk with colleagues and try to build the business model that will be my final work product. It’s both comforting and intimidating to realize I’ve been given the tools I need to be successful in my assignment – I just hope I do them justice. I guess I shouldn’t have put my cases in storage for the summer.

-Julie Whorton, MBA 2014