The way in which companies do work is changing and notably much of that work is happening remotely. Work from home arrangements, video conferences, instant messaging – all of these elements have been incorporated into the modern workplace to improve productivity and employee engagement.

Remote work is effective because employees can continue to engage at a high level and accomplish their goals regardless of location. As you look to attract new talent to your company, you too can be effective from afar using virtual recruiting.


Webinars can be powerful tools for remote recruiting. They offer a platform to convey information virtually, can be viewed from anywhere, and often include an interactive element for questions and answers.

However, webinars are not the only way to offer a virtual recruiting experience for candidates. From FaceTime/Skype to virtual reality, any company can utilize virtual recruiting in ways that make your company come to life for candidates.

Virtual Company Conversations

There is something different about face to face interactions as compared to over the phone. You can pick up on facial cues and body language while developing a better understanding of someone’s personality. However, you can recreate the face to face interaction using video conferencing tools.

Not long ago, a formal video conference system needed to be available for an effective video call. Today, there are a multitude of platforms that offer clear video and audio and are easy to access from anywhere. All students at HBS are set up with accounts on Zoom, but as digital natives they can easily access the platform of your choice.

To make the process of 1:1 video conversations with candidates even easier, HBS can organize candidate sign ups and scheduling. All you will need to do is provide us with your preferred date/time and a link for students to access.

Online Tours

Culture is an important factor for many students as they consider job opportunities; they want to understand how and where employees get work done and picture themselves in the environment. An online tour is an effective way to showcase important elements that make your company unique if you are located across the country or on the other side of the world.

If you haven’t created an online tour before, colleges and universities offer excellent examples of how you can give candidates a feel for your office. Here is an example from Harvard Business School that uses photos from around campus. This can be done using 360 degree photography, video, or a combination of mediums.


Skip the PowerPoint slides and take candidates directly into your office through a tour as noted above, or with interviews of current employees. Your company may already have videos available – think about how this content could be repurposed for recruiting. Then share it through social media, by email, or as a video link within your job posting. In 2018, HBS Career & Professional Development met students at their internship locations to see the work they were doing over the summer. Those visits resulted in the video below which highlights how you can showcase company culture and the day to day experience in a brief yet effective video.

View Video

Virtual Reality Experiences

There is a growing trend at business schools to explore virtual reality experiences as part of the curriculum to build skills in public speaking, teamwork, and leadership. At HBS, Harvard Business School Online has created a virtual classroom and MBA students used VR glasses for a managerial simulation.

If your company has an expertise in this area, consider how you can incorporate an immersive virtual experience into your recruiting strategy. Could you take your webinar to the next level with video interaction? Create a simulation that teaches students about your industry while marketing your company? An added bonus of using virtual reality to immerse candidates in an experience, is showcasing the tools and experiences employees will be engaging with when they join your organization.

Interested in recruiting remotely? Check out our Virtual Recruiting page on our Recruiting Guide or contact your Recruiting Relations Manager to discuss which options could work best for your company.