RAs also have access to on-the-job training in specific skills involving research methodologies, library resources, data analysis, case writing, and software. The experiences and skills our research associates develop lead to some exciting opportunities, including graduate programs at top-tier schools (e.g. PhD, MBA, JD) and positions at financial institutions, multinational corporations, and boutique consulting firms. A few RAs go off to launch their own businesses, while others may take on new challenges within the Harvard University community.


Sample Next Steps

Doctoral Programs

  • PhD, Harvard Business School
  • PhD, Stanford University
  • PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • PhD, London School of Economics
  • JD, Harvard Law School
  • JD, Yale University
  • MBA, Harvard Business School
  • MBA, Dartmouth Tuck School of Business
  • MPP, Harvard Kennedy School


  • McKinsey
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • World Bank
  • Google
  • Creative Arts Agency
  • Burning Glass
  • Wayfair


  • Project Leader
  • Senior Industry Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Economic Research Consultant
  • Vice President of Finance
  • Consultant

Our Paths

Over the four years I worked as an RA, I went to school part-time and earned a masters degree in health policy and management. During that period, every case I worked on was a brand-new learning experience. When you’re writing a case, you need to have the right information, compelling interviews, and interesting industry data; then it has to be put together in such a way that it becomes an effective learning tool. It’s a very cool process. As an RA, I came into an organization as an outsider and interviewed managers at every level of the company. That experience has given me a degree of confidence in my current work as a healthcare management consultant because I know I can go into a new situation, ask the right questions, and represent my firm well.”
Ayesha Kanji
BA, Biology, Wellesley College,
MA, Harvard School of Public Health
Working as an RA gave me the opportunity to establish a professional and personal relationship with a well-known, highly regarded professor who was working in an area of great interest to me. At the same time, the position offered the flexibility I needed to develop and launch a start-up outside my duties as an RA. It was a great stepping stone to the next phase of my career as an entrepreneur.”
Boyd Bishop
BS U.S. Military Academy, West Point,
MBA, Harvard Business School